Full suite of products, services & solutions to meet fiber connectivity needs.

As demand for reliable high-speed broadband services continues to grow rapidly, fiber optic networks have become the solution of choice for business and residential customers worldwide.

TeraSpan’s innovative fiber optic connectivity solutions, including the Vertical Inlaid Fiber (VIF) System, change the way fiber optic networks are deployed. At TeraSpan, we are able to reduce costs and timelines, maximize the versatility and minimize the environmental impact of fiber optic deployments.

Over 19 years of experience designing, deploying and maintaining fiber optic networks.



FTTX Consulting

TeraSpan can help you design and deploy a fiber-optic network. Our connectivity soutions are planned and executed your specific requirements, budget and existing infrastructure in mind

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FTTX Deployment Services

Whether your installation project is around the corner – or around the world, we’re interested in having a discussion to see how our involvement may bring value to your final objectives.
Whether your project is a simple point to point connection or a multiple end point applicable with thousands of terminations, we make sure everything comes together as planned.

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Technical Services

We offer a full suite of technical services including:

  • Cable placement
  • Splicing and Terminating
  • Testing
  • Network maintenance and audit


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Dark Fiber Lease

TeraSpan offers customers with the ultimate fiber optic connectivity solution. With dedicated dark fiber leases, customers are able to connect multiple facilities with a dedicated private network. The private network is available to connect multiple facilities in a campus setup, whether those facilities are located on a single property or in multiple locations within relatively close proximity. Dedicated dark fiber is also available to connect the customer directly to local data centers and wholesale internet service providers.

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