TeraSpan provides a complete range of micro-trench network deployment products and services. TeraSpan’s Vertical Inlaid Fiber (VIF) products encompass all product you will need to deploy micro-trenched networks and to fully integrate these networks into existing network backbones.

A complete range of Vertical Deflecting Conduit, Square Profile Conduit, Fiber Optic Cables and System Accessories may be easily combined to create a cost-effective, robust last mile fiber optic solution. Our full suite of training and support services ensures that networks are deployed quickly and error free.

TeraSpan’s VIF system provides a premium solution for all your connectivity needs, including point-to-point service between buildings, lateral connections to an existing network, wireless antenna backhaul or full fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) solutions.


Vertical Deflecting Conduit (VDC)

TeraSpan’s VDC is a rugged two-part, slim profile conduit system that “zippers” together around fiber optic cables.


Square Profile Conduit (SPC)

TeraSpan’s SPC is a square single channel slim profile conduit system ideally suited for FTTH or other uses where frequent network…


Splice Enclosures

Our compact Splice Enclosures are designed to effectively accommodate VIF Cable for either repair situations or mid-span access…


Vaults and Enclosures

Our Cylindrical Access Node (CAN) is a specialized vault to retrofit into existing concrete or asphalt with minimal disruption…



Teraspan Markers are an economical way of marking the location…