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6mm-12-fiber-cable 6mm-12-fiber-cable

TeraSpan’s Vertical Inlaid Fiber (VIF) cable is designed for use with TeraSpan’s SPC 17mm conduit.


Outdoor cable for use in the SPC 17mm conduit system. Could also be utilized as an indoor cable within conduit systems.

Features / Benefits

ID – 12144

  • Small outside diameter
  • Cable sheath composed of a Polyethylene
  • Features a ripcord
  • All-dielectric cable design. No grounding required
  • Loose buffer tube design
  • Dry cable core for faster preparation time
  • 144-fiber count cable ideal for last-mile installations


  • Installation: -15° to +40° C
  • Operation: -40° to +70° C

Maximum Tensile Loads

  • Short Term: 1500 N

Nominal Cable Weight

  • Approx. 50kg/km (33.6 lb/1000 ft)

Nominal Outer Diameter

  • 7.9 mm (0.26in)

Minimum Bend Radius

  • Installed: 12 cm (4.7 in)

Fiber Type

  • TeraSpan utilizes ITU-T G.657.A1 standard fiber, operating in the 1310 nm to 1625 nm wavelength spectrum. It is compatible with standard single-mode.

Cable Type

  • 144-fiber count, utilizing six bundles of 24 fibers.