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6mm-12-fiber-cable 6mm-12-fiber-cable

The #42 pull string is designed to pull a cable through VDC or SPC. The string is slightly stiff for easy handling and loading of the zipper tool.

Features / Benefits

ID – 15001

  • Tensile rating of 880N (200lbs)
  • Spool size of 1000m (3280′)
  • Stiff braided construction for easy handling
  • Small diameter allows for low profile lashing to cables

Tensile rating

  • 880N (200lbs)

Nominal weight

  • 2.75g/m (0.33oz/ft)


  • nylon

braided hard gangen

Diameter of string

  • 2mm (0.079“)

Spool diameter

  • 273mm (10.75“)

Spool length

  • 183mm (7.25“)

Spool weight

  • 3.63kg (8lbs)

Quantity of string on a spool

  • 1000m (3280′)