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Tracer wire is required to be installed into the bottom of the trench or saw cut of every meter of the network. TeraSpan has standardized on a durable direct buried copper coated steel tracer wire with a heavy HMWPE jacket.


Tracer wire is installed into the bottom of the trench to help locate the network in the future.

Features / Benefits

ID – 13301

  • Tracer wire has a very high tensile strength
  • There is no salvage value to this wire as it is mostly steel
  • Designed for direct burial

Voltage rating

  • 600V

Jacket thickness

  • 1.14mm (0.045″)

Wire size

  • 14AWG

Wire type

  • solid copper clad steel

Overall diameter

  • 3.9mm (0.155″)


  • green


  • 0.0283kg/meter (0.019lb/foot)

Print line

  • TERASPAN NETWORKS INC, 14 AWG CCS 30 MIL Part# 13301 Made in the USA

Spool Specifications

Length of wire

  • 500 meters (1640feet)


  • 14.15kg (31.17lbs)