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Flexible Transition Tubing (FTT) allows cables or micro-ducts to transition into traditional systems and into various entries.


This conduit is used to transition into traditional manholes, vaults, buildings, and up poles.

Features / Benefits

ID – 11002

  • Allows cable or tubing elements to be redirected into almost any type of structure.
  • Can be installed into hard and soft infrastructure.
  • Provides UV protection for aerial uses.
  • Forms a flexible, well-protected transition.
  • Allows for cables to be pulled or blown through.
  • Is clamped into Vertical Deflecting Conduit (VDC) system to form a smooth transition.
  • Heavy wall thickness prevents kinks and provides additional mechanical protection to the fiber cable.

Nominal Weight

  • weight — 67 grams per meter


  • Length per roll — 100m (328′) and 300m (984′)
  • Outside Diameter — 12.7mm (1/2″)
  • Inside Diameter — 8mm (5/16″)
  • Min Radius of bend — 50mm (2″)


  • High-Density Poly Ethylene (HPDE)