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vdc1-fd-to-58-ftt-fitting vdc1-fd-to-58-ftt-fitting

This fitting allows VDC1 FD to connect to a P20 conduit. The fitting creates a smooth transition in both directions and maintains the pathway.


The fitting is ideal for FTTH and FTTB applications. The system works well with flat aerial drop cables.

Features / Benefits

ID – 16123

  • Creates a smooth transition in both directions
  • Forms a durable well protected transition
  • Glues into P20 conduit with standard PVC cement
  • Cables can be pulled through, pushed through or inlaid into the fitting

Nominal Weight

  • Assembly weight — 26 grams (0.057lbs)


  • Length of fitting — 98mm (3.86”)


  • Body — Rigid PVC

Tools Required for Assembly:

  • PVC cement
  • Flat file