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Forms a perpendicular branch with the VDC1 conduit system.


This T style fitting is instrumental in reducing costs in FTTH and FTTX applications, where easy branching is required during or post installation.

Features / Benefits

ID – 16108

  • Allows cable or tubing elements to be redirected into a perpendicularly attached VDC style conduit.
  • Can be installed into hard infrastructure with minimal disruption and excavation.
  • Can be installed onto the VDC1 conduit route during or post network installation onto a live network.
  • Forms a durable well protected transition.
  • Cables can be pulled through the T in the branching direction.
  • Allows networks to be built with a BUS style architecture vs. a star, which reduces conduit lengths and cost.
  • Design allows for unlimited re-entry.
  • Reduces the number of splice points and slack points required on a network.

Nominal Weight

  • Assembly weight — 98 grams


  • Length of top of T — 203mm
  • Length of the vertical part of T — 130mm
  • Thickness of assembly — 30.5mm
  • Widest part of arms — 20.5mm
  • Radius of bend — 50mm


  • Body, Adapters & Inserts — 20% glass filled nylon
  • Fastener — Stainless Steel

Tools Required for Assembly:

  • 9/32” Nut driver
  • Medium flat file
  • Pencil or marker
  • Sharp shears (as used in pruning)