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vdc1-t-connector vdc1-t-connector
vdc1-t-connector vdc1-t-connector

This fitting anchors VDC5 into a hand hole or enclosure. The fitting also creates a smooth end transition into the VDC5 conduit.


The fitting is ideal for FTTH and FTTB applications. The system works well with flat aerial drop cables.

Features / Benefits

ID – 16603

  • Anchors the VDC5 conduit into a vault or handhole
  • The fitting is split to allow cables to be inlaid in
  • Creates a smooth transition with no sharp edges into the VDC5 conduit
  • The fitting mounts flush to the inside walls of the vault or handhole
  • Can be installed using a standard hole saw (3.75″ bit)
  • Can be fixed to a vault or handhole by using a compression ring or by simply screwing the square flange into the body of the vault or handhole

Nominal Weight

  • Assembly weight — 255 grams (0.56lbs)

Installed Dimensions:

  • Square flange size — 140mm x 140mm (5.5″x5.5″)
  • Body diameter — 95mm (3.75″)
  • Body depth — 80mm (3.15″)


  • Body — 10% glass filled nylon
  • Fastener — Stainless Steel

Tools Required for Assembly:

  • Philips screwdriver
  • 3.75″ hole saw