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The ”Soft Infrastructure Marker” is an economical way of marking the location of a vertical inlaid fiber route.

The marker has an anchor section that gets buried in the narrow trench beside the conduit. The markers are embossed with the text ”BURIED CABLE – CALL BEFORE YOU DIG”.

Features / Benefits

ID – 22002

  • Markers are well anchored and will not shift or come out
  • Markers are self-aligning to the route
  • No salvage value – prevents vandalism
  • Can be quickly installed with minimal effort
  • UV protected plastic for long life
  • Markers

Nominal Weight

  • Total weight of marker — 89 grams


  • Length of the visible face — 119.5mm (4.70”)
  • The width of the visible face — 69.5mm (2.74”)
  • Length of anchor section — 200mm (7.87”)
  • Maximum depth that anchor can be installed 210 mm (8.27”)


  • UV protected rigid plastic