TeraSpan provides specialized tools for micro-trench fiber optic network deployments.  Our tools include:

  • Packing wheel – ensures high degree of compaction within the micro-trench
  • VDC/SPC manager – eases the management of VDC and SPC at the project site.  VDC and SPC are packaged as easily manageable bunch coils that allow for easy handling.  The use of the VDC/SPC manager allows the spooling of a single or multi elements easily for deployment.
  • Spool manager – eases the management of small fiber optic cable spools at the project site
  • SPC tool kit – this kit allows for easy coupling of SPC conduit elements and includes required fittings for jetting string for cable installation.  With this small tool you can effectively load cable into SPC without the need for expensive cable blowing equipment.

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