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The TeraSpan Large Packing Wheel is designed to effectively compact backfill material (usually a premium grade of cold asphalt) in a micro trench.

A heavy-duty steel wheel with 90kg (200lbs) of weight ensures that material is compacted thoroughly.


The Large Packing Wheel provides an effective way of fully compacting cold asphalt backfill on deeper cuts where the smaller packing wheel may not reach.

It also features a wider blade for compacting wider saw cuts.

Features / Benefits

ID – 18011

  • Made with high quality, rugged materials
  • Fits in tight spots
  • Adjustable wheel width
  • Provides 90kg (200lbs) of compaction weight on a small area
  • Free standing assembly for less operator fatigue
  • Easily broken down for shipping
  • Durable powder coating

Nominal Weight

  • Total weight — 132kg (291lbs)


  • Body Length — 1016mm (40”)
  • Total Width —673mm (26.5”)
  • Body Height —546mm (21.5”)
  • Wheel Diameter — 508mm (20”)
  • Wheel Thickness — 9.5mm to 22.2mm (0.375” to 0.875”)


  • Heavy-duty steel tubing & plate