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The SPC17 tool kit provides an efficient way for coupling SPC together (also couples SPC to FTT and FTT to FTT).

The kit also includes a string jetting tool for loading pull string into the SPC.


The kit is used for creating joints between SPC and or FTT. Joints can be created in less than 2 minutes, which is ideal for rapid micro-trench deployment.

Included in the kit is a string jetting tool for rapidly loading the installed SPC network with a pull string.

Features / Benefits

ID – 18117

  • Creates joints between SPC and or FTT
  • Joints can be completed in less than 2 minutes
  • The tool is powered by a cordless drill (not included)
  • String jetting kit included
  • Comes with a convenient carry case

Nominal Weight

  • Total weight of kit — 5.8 kgs (12.75 lbs)

Case Dimensions:

  • Length — 457 mm (18 inches)
  • Width — 330 mm (13 inches)
  • Thickness — 114 mm (4.5 inches)

Includes (for coupler tool)

  • SPC17 clamping tool

Tubing cutter:

  • 29/64″ drill bit with drill stop
  • 7/16″ drill bit with drill stop

Marking Pen:

  • Qt:5 SPC17 Couplers
  • Qt:5 Rubber stopper end plugs
  • 5/8″ x 3/8″ drive socket
  • Bit Adapter, Power, 1/4″ Hex Male, 3/8″ Square Male, 2″ Length
  • Qt:4 Adapter blocks for clamping 5/8″ FTT

Includes (for string jetting tool):

  • String jetting tool
  • 8oz bottle of jetting lube
  • Qt:5 jetting parachutes
  • 1/8″ diam. x 16″ long plastic rod
  • Qt:2 spare O-rings

Additional tools required (for coupling)

  • Cordless drill

Additional tools required (for string jetting):

  • Source of compressed air (small gas powered compressor is ideal)
  • Pull string #42 Gangen Nylon Twine (the tool is designed for this string)
  • Spool holder for a pull string
  • Lighter
  • Side cutter to cut a string