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TeraSpan’s Spool Manager is a tool which enables the handling of cable, tubing, string, and tracer wire spools on a network construction site. The spools are supported on spool rods which rest on two lift arms.

The lift arms can raise and lower heavy spools from the ground by turning the small hand jack. The Spool Manager can be hitched to the VDC Manager to form a complete and portable system for dispensing and zipping elements into VDC conduits.

Multiple Spool Managers can be hitched together to form a train in the event that many cables are required for a network build.

A broad range of spool sizes can be mounted on the unit, up to a maximum diameter of 1212mm (4′). Multiple spools can be mounted on the same spool rod.

Cone shaped bushings allow any size of the center hole on the spool to be connected. Quick release clamps are used to hold the spools onto the spool rods.

A smaller diameter spool rod is provided for elements such as string and tracer wire. Both rods can be used concurrently. The spool manager can be collaped for shipping and storage.

Features / Benefits

ID – 18010

  • Provides a simple method of feeding out multiple spooled elements.
  • Supports spool diameters up to 1212mm (4′)
  • No lifting of heavy spools required.
  • Supports a broad range of spool center hole sizes.
  • Hitches to the VDC Manager to form a deployment system
  • Multiple Spool Managers can hitch together
  • Collapsible for easy shipping and storage (no tools required)

Nominal Weight

  • Total weight — 44 kg (97lbs)

Collapsed Dimensions:

  • Length — 939mm (37”)
  • Width — 1143mm (45”)
  • Height — 305mm (12”)

Assembled Dimensions:

  • Length — 1828mm (72”)
  • Width — 1143mm (45”)
  • Height — 1143mm (45”)


  • Powder coated steel
  • Plastic accessories
  • Aluminum clamps