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The VDC Manager automates the handling and zipping process for TeraSpan’s complete line of VDC conduits. The two conduit coils are placed into the spool rims, then mounted onto the manager.

The VDC is fed through the zipper tool which mounts at the front of the unit. The VDC Manager is pulled along and the two VDC halves come together in the zipper tool with the cable/tubing/string elements inside.

The conduit is then ready for deployment. Alternatively, in tight areas, the unit may be stationary and the VDC can be pulled out.

The VDC Manager can be hitched to TeraSpan’s ”Spool Manager” to fully automate the handling of cable/tubing/string, tracer wire, and VDC.

The combined system is easily managed by one person and keeps the network construction footprint very compact. The system can be moved through narrow areas and is small enough to operate on a sidewalk.

Both the VDC Manager and the Spool Manager may be mounted on a truck or a trailer for further automation. The cart is collapsible for shipping and storage with no tools required.

Features / Benefits

ID – 18013

  • Automates the handling of TeraSpan’s complete conduit line
  • Reduces the network deployment footprint
  • Prevents dirt from getting into the VDC during deployment
  • Decreases the labor required to deploy a network
  • Small enough to move on a sidewalk
  • Collapses for easy shipping and storage
  • No tools required for assembly/disassembly or operation
  • Light weight for easy shipping and operation
  • Zipper tool (sold separately) mounts on a bracket on the end of the zipper arm

Weight (not loaded)

  • Total weight — 42kg (94lbs)

Dimensions of Assembled Unit:

  • Length — 2921mm (115”)
  • Width — 813mm (32”)
  • Height — 1778mm (70”)

Dimensions of Collapsed Unit:

  • Length — 1524mm (60”)
  • Width — 1524mm (60”)
  • Height — 482mm (19”)


  • Base, stand, handle, spool rod, and zipper arm are welded steel with powder coat
  • Rims are polypropylene, polyethylene, and aluminum assembled with stainless screws and rivets