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TeraSpan’s Splice Enclosure is designed for use with TeraSpan Network’s VIF installation system. It is designed to effectively accommodate VIF Cable for either repair situations or mid-span access for network extensions.


Utilized as an indoor/outdoor splice enclosure for VIF installations and deployed in network branching situations, repairs, as well as certain in-building applications.

Features / Benefits

ID – 20001

  • Fits a maximum of 48 splices
  • Six dual-entry ports allow for multiple cable entrance positions
  • Designed for 4mm diameter cable with optional kit for 6mm cables
  • Clamps lock cable into position
  • Suited for direct burial or wall mount
  • Seal and grommets allow the watertight enclosure
  • Stainless steel Splice Enclosure lid seals shut with 10 screws
  • Rubber seal and splice tray prevent splice/fiber movement and maintain proper fiber bend radius
  • Design allows for unlimited re-entry

Temperature Operation:

  • -40° to +60° C

PSI Rating:

  • 5psi internal and external pressure

Dimensions (Assembled):

  • 294mm x 108mm x 13.5mm (11.57″ x 4.25″ x 0.53″)


  • Body: Rigid polymer
  • Lid: Stainless steel
  • Seal, Grommets and Splice Holder: Thermal Plastic Elastomer
  • Clamps: Nylon

Installing 4mil Fiber Cable onto Teraspan Splice Enclosure Kit