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Flexible Transition Tubing (FTT) allows cables or micro-ducts to transition into traditional systems and into various entries. The ID of this FTT is matched to the ID of the 17mm SPC.


This conduit is used to transition into traditional manholes, vaults, buildings, boxes etc. Many traditional fittings are available for the round 5/8″ OD conduit.

Features / Benefits

ID – 11017

  • Allows cable or tubing elements to be redirected into almost any type of structure.
  • Can be installed into hard and soft infrastructure
  • Provides UV protection for aerial uses
  • Forms a flexible, well-protected transition
  • Allows for cables to be pulled or blown through
  • Heavy wall thickness prevents kinks and provides additional mechanical protection to the fiber cable

Nominal Weight

  • Weight — 105 grams per meter (0.231lbs)
  • Weight — 10.5kg per 100-meter roll (23.1lbs)


  • Length per roll — 100m (328′)
  • Outside Diameter — 15.9mm (5/8″)
  • Inside Diameter — 10.3mm (0.405″)
  • Min Radius of bend — 80mm (3.15″)


  • High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE)