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TeraSpan’s Square Profile Conduit (SPC) uses a square profile to achieve the crush and impact strength required to have a truly rugged system for the micro-trench environment. The conduit can be stacked in the micro-trench to achieve the desired count.

SPC can be easily joined with a low profile coupling method that will fit into a saw cut. The ability to use one conduit to accomplish all network requirements simplifies inventory and keeps costs down. Cable can be blown, pulled, pushed or prodded, making SPC ideal for pathway creation.

When compared to a typical round duct of equivalent ID (10mm) the SPC has 2.9 times more tensile strength making it ideal for directional drilling applications and other aggressive pulling environments. The safe working load for SPC 17 is 765lbs.


Square Profile Conduit (SPC) was developed to address high-density FTTH applications where branches from the primary route are required at frequent intervals. Individual SPCs can be run from a nearby terminal node all the way to the home.

This design eliminates the need to install connectors onto a conduit bundle and creates a system that is simple and fast to install. It is also useful for a long haul, blown fiber applications where minimal access points are required.

The conduit performs well in open trench, micro-trench, and directional drilling applications.

Features / Benefits

ID – 11217

  • Stackable for creating the required number of conduits to meet the needs of the application
  • Simplified one element approach simplifies inventory and saves cost
  • Joins together easily with a low profile coupling method. The joint is on the inside of the tubing and does not add any external width and does not restrict the inside diameter
  • Greater than 1000lbs per linear inch crush resistance withstands hand tool impact (3x the strength of round conduit)
  • Safe working load of 765lbs (2.9x the strength of an equivalent round conduit)
  • Flexible enough to route through curb faces and other areas where elevation changes are required
  • Fiber can be blown, pulled, pushed or rodded
  • Couples to standard size round HDPE conduit for transitions to standard fittings and boxes (TeraSpan product – FTT)

Nominal Weight

  • weight per meter —194 grams (0.426lbs)


  • 200-meter coils (656 feet)
  •  Weight per 200-meter coil —39kg (85lbs)

Other lengths available

  • 6 rolls per pallet – 48km per 40’ container


  • 17mm x 17mm square outside (0.67”)
  • 10.3mm diameter inside bore (0.41”)


  • HDPE

Other sizes available

  • Micro-Trench
  • Cut width minimum — 19mm (0.75”)

Safe Working Load

  • 3400 N (765 lbs)

Crush Rating

  • 17.5 KN per 100mm (1000 lbs per linear inch)

Temperature Rating

  • Inst. -30°C (-22°F) to +70°C (158°F) | Oper. -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (158°F)

Bend Radius

  • 130mm minimum (5.1”)

Cable Options

  • Maximum cable diameter — 8mm (0.315”) (up to 144 fiber count)
  • Tool Required for Assembly
  • Internal coupler insertion kit