TeraSpan’s Cylindrical Access Node (CAN) is a specialized vault to retrofit into existing concrete or asphalt with minimal disruption to the infrastructure. For fiber counts up to 48, the galvanized steel CAN stores slack cable and multiple splice enclosures, making network expansion and repairs simple and inexpensive. Designed primarily for roadways, sidewalks, and boulevards, the CAN is built for security and longevity.

  • Galvanized steel body and lid – make it road ready
  • H-20 load tested – suitable for roadways
  • Well anchored for long term stability
  • Allows transition of multiple cables or Vertical Deflecting Conduit directly into the CAN

TeraSpan also offers a full range of standard vaults that interface with our VDC and SPC product lines and are often the best solution for building higher count networks.


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