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Circular Handhole Circular Handhole

TeraSpan’s Handhole is a storage box designed for storing and splicing fiber optic cables. It is robust enough for placement in virtually any infrastructure.

Designed primarily for sidewalks and soft infrastructure such as boulevards, the Handhole is built for security and longevity.

There is the polymer concrete lip and cover version (40012) that can withstand more than 9,000kg (20,000lbs).


The Handhole provides storage and access to slack cable, micro-ducts, and pull strings for network versatility, extensions, and repairs with a higher number of fiber counts.

The Handhole can protect multiple splice enclosures.

Features / Benefits

ID – 40011

  •  Security bolt
  • Overlapping cover design
  • 4535kg (10,000lbs) standard static load capacity and 9072kg (20,000lbs) with polymer concrete lip and cover
  • Interior volume of 339,802cm3 (20,736 cu.in.) allows for high capacity of cables
  • ”I” beam side walls allows for high load bearing and minimizes sidewall deflection in extreme temperatures.
  • Allows for multiple TeraSpan splices or standard splice enclosures
  • Cable locator marker can be easily installed to cover
  • Meets Telcordia GR-902-CORE specification and complies with Western Underground Committee ANSI /SCTE 77 2002

Nominal Weight:

  • Standard approx 36kg (80lbs) depending on options
  • Polymer Concrete approx 91kg (200lbs) depending on options


  • Length: 1022mm (40.25”)
  • Width: 724mm (28.50”)
  • Height: 610mm (24.00”)


  • Thermoplastic (40011)
  • Polymer concrete lip and cover/thermoplastic body (40012)


  • Polymer concrete cover and ring (40012)
  • Splice enclosure Swing-arm
  • Grey or Green

Ordering Information:

  • Standard – 40011
  • Polymer Concrete – 40012
  • Swing Arm – 40100
  • Plate Kit – 40200