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TeraSpan’s Vertical Deflecting Conduit (VDC) is a two-part conduit system that “zips” together to encase any combination of cable, blow tube, or pull string.


VDC houses and protects cable in installations of the Vertical Inlaid Fiber system. Used in both soft and hard infrastructures.

Features / Benefits
  • A thin profile with beveled edges provides excellent protection to the cable/tubing elements.
  • Supports a crushing load of > 2000lbs/linear inch.
  • Built to survive contact with sharp hand tools such as shovels, and withstand heavy impacts from tools or debris.
  • Modular system that allows for easy network branching
  • Zippered installation of fiber cable allows for runs that are limited only by cable reel length (vs. pull / blow length)
  • Interchangeable sections lock together
  • VDC Zipper tool ensures cable is not damaged during installation
  • Cable and tubing elements can be pulled within the channels like a traditional conduit
  • Design allows for unlimited re-entry
  • Bright orange color for maximum visibility
  • “Warning — Fiber Optics Cable Inside” marking along all sections of VDC for easy recognition

Nominal Weight

  • Approx. 0.424kg (0.93lbs)/trench meter;
  • 21.2kg (46.74lbs) per 100 m roll


  • Profile (assembled) 10.3mm x 54mm (2.12″ x 0.41″)
  • Minimum 100m rolls
  • Micro-channel dimension: Approx 6.8mm x 6.8mm (0.27″ x 0.27″)


  • Rigid PVC

Tool Required for Assembly

  • VDC4 Zipper Tool