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VDC7 is a two-part microchannel conduit system designed for micro trench deployment. The conduit comprises seven individual channels, providing capacity for a variety of different cable, pull string or blow tube configurations. The maximum cable/tubing diameter for this conduit is 6mm.


The VDC7 conduit is used for any telecom network infrastructure deployment where the general civil infrastructure is in place (brownfield areas).

This conduit is well suited for FTTX applications where high fiber count capacities and many distribution cables are required. The higher number of individual channels improves usability in scenarios where fiber is installed after deployment of the conduit.

Features / Benefits

ID – 10701

  • Has a maximum capacity of 7 x 6mm diameter cables (equivalent to 504 fiber count if using 72 count cables)
  • Has a maximum capacity of 7 x 4mm diameter blowing tubes (1 per channel)
  • Allows for a combination of tubing sizes and cable sizes to be installed in the same conduit
  • Fits into a standard width diamond saw cut of 13mm (1/2″)
  • Conduit is applied over the cable/tubing elements with the zipper tool, meaning cable/tubing element lengths are limited only by the cable reel length (vs. pull / blow length)
  • Cables and tubing elements can still be pulled within the channels like a traditional conduit
  • Allows for any standard 4-6mm cable to be installed or pulled through (1 per channel)
  • Design allows for unlimited re-entry
  • Bright orange color for maximum visibility
  • “Warning — Fiber Optics Cable Inside” marking along all sections

Nominal Weight

  • weight per side 300 grams/meter (0.2 lbs/ft)


  • Each side of the profile is sold in minimum 100-meter coils (328 ft)
  • Weight per 100-meter coil — 30kg (66lbs)


  • Each micro-channel dimension: Approx 6.8 x 6.8mm (0.27″ x 0.27″)
  • Assembled profile height 84mm (3.31″)
  • Assembled profile width 10mm (0.39″)


  • Rigid PVC

Tool Required for Assembly

  • MV3/VDC5/VDC7 Zipper Tool