We offer a full suite of technical services including:

  • Cable Placement
  • Splicing and Terminating
  • Testing
  • Network Maintenance and Audit


Teraspan Network Setup and Installation Services can provide the resources to build or expand your network. We help you chose the right design, technology, and hardware that suits your business needs.

  • ONT and ONU placement for FTTP projects
  • Premise wiring for FTTP projects
  • Emergency Maintenance agreements
  • Network Audit Services (Informing you what you have in the field)

Our technicians are ETA Certified OSP Installers and have experience in the following enclosures:

  • TYCO Enclosures – Specifically 400 and 450D (Raychem)
  • Channel 450’s
  • Corning Enclosures – Specifically 22” LT and 28” Ribbon
  • 3M – Specifically Light linker
  • Multilink – Specifically 400D & Starfighter
  • Coyote Runt


Teraspan Networks is capable of supporting your fusion splicing requirements whether they require Singlemode, Multimode, or Ribbon Splicing.

Fusion Splicing Services:

  • Complete fiber optic splicing (Single fiber and/or Ribbon Splicing)
  • Telecom & CATV Splicing
  • Emergency restoration and in-service “hot cuts”
  • Data Center Installation
  • Premise (Office) Multimode
  • Aerial Fiber Splicing and Lashing
  • Underground Fiber Splicing


OTDR Trace Analysis & Off-site Storage
OTDR Trace Analysis
Interpretation Services
File Storage (Off-site Backup)
Comparison Analysis (Compare benchmark to current trace)
Report Generation

OTDR analysis and storage services for IT professionals interested in a second opinion or off-site storage of network trace files. If traced are completed and stored for future reference, emergency restoration, annual maintenance, and management, prevention of degradation are all made easier.

Third Party Infrastructure Audit & Testing Services:

  • Systems Consulting Services
  • Network configuration and maintenance (Preventative)
  • Fiber Optic Cable Splicing Services (Premise or OSP)
  • Fiber Optic Testing and Documentation (OTDR, PM & LS, SONET)

Services designed to support the IT professional in maintenance, documentation, installation, and testing.

Other Services

Network maintenance and repair with on-call technicians available 24 hours per day